Student Gift FREEBIE!

I have been on the lookout (on Pinterest mostly) for a fun gift to give my students at Open House. I loved the Survival Kit ideas. Unfortunately the person who created the Kindergarten Survival Kit idea did not get proper credit...when you click on the picture it just opens the image in a new window, it does not go back to her blog or information. 

Survival Kits are a standing joke in my house. My finace has made me survival kits for my car "just in case" and he has them in his car and at work for himself. My kit actually came in handy one day when I got half way to school and realized I forgot deodorant!! EEEK!  I remembered that silly survival kit and thought, NO WAY he thought to put deodorant in there...but he did :)  It saved my day!  Ever since then I am fully on board with the survival kits! 

So giving my students a Second Grade Survival Kit seemed fitting, I took ideas from the survival kit I found on Pinterest and wrote a poem. 

Now...I am not a poem writer! In fact, this is the first poem I have written since I was forced to write poems in school. This just kind of came to me one night. 

My sister and mom did help me edit it and make it flow right (thank you, thank you!).

If you like it, head over to my TPT store!  Follow me and download the package for FREE!  I have included the poem for grades Kindergarten - Fifth Grade!

Enjoy! And Happy Almost-First-Day-of-School!


  1. That poem is ADORABLE! You are totally a poet! :)

    Mrs. Kelly's Klass

  2. Your poem is so cute! You should revise it for 1st & 3rd and post it on TPT! I'm your newest follower! :)
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  3. Thank you, girls! Melissa, if you got to my TPT store you will be able to download the package which included the poem for Kindergarten - Fifth grade. There is a link in the post and over in the left column closer to the top of my blog. Hope that helps! Thanks!