The Big Split

Yeesh!  It's been almost a whole month since I last logged in.  End of trimester testing, grading, and report cards have consumed me these past few weeks.  Although this time of year is extremely busy, I was really, REALLY excited to see each of my student's growth in official print form!  Report cards go home tomorrow, music program next week, then conferences, then Spring Break...

...and I will be here :)

Until then, RTi remains the focus of my team's thoughts.  When we started our RTi groups this year we combined our 2nd and 3rd grade students.  Things ran smoothly for the most part, that is, our standards were close enough that we were able to focus on the same skill + expectations with both grade levels together.  After Subtraction, however, we (2nd and 3rd grade teachers) decided to part ways.

We have come to a point in the year where our standards and expectations are diverging further and further apart.  So our next RTi will be our first RTi apart.