Civics + National Boards

This year is literally zipping by for me. I am in full National Board-mode and have no intention of stopping until my Assessment Center Test is completed!

I am working away on Entry 2--Social Studies and had time to make it into a freebie for you :) 

We started a few weeks ago by talking about:
1. What is a community?
2. What are the three types of communities? How are they alike and different?
3. What is a community helper? How are they important to our community as a system?

And now we are moving on to the civics end of things. We started today with:
1. What is a law? Why are they important?
2. What is pedestrian safety?
3. How are laws created and enforced?

This led us to the three branches of government. This is not a focus skill for 2nd graders, but I felt it was important for me to introduce each "branch" to my kiddos, and they really enjoyed it!

Click the pictures to download your own copy for free :)