Mother's Day

Mother's Day landed at the end of the perfect week for my class.

This is our big MSP week for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students which evidently means our regular schedule is goofy with needed planning time shuffles, no RTI and all SPED groups being cancelled.

This prompted my team and I to decided to take this opportunity when we have all of our students all day for the entire week to do a special Nutrition Unit.  I will be posting the Nutrition Journal I created for our students to keep track of everything they learned, soon!

This also gave us lots of extra time for Mother's Day crafting and preparing!

 We started the week with this super cute poem I found on TPT via pinterest.

Didn't they turn out super cute!?  Each student turned their thumb prints into mommy and child butterflies, bugs, or little people.  I laminated them and added heart ribbon.

These fun and beautiful hand-print flowers I found on pinterest, too!  My students LOVED making these!  I wish I had bought enough pipe cleaners for each student to make more than one flower!

On Friday we are taking the small cups of grass we have been growing and trim, cut, and/or braid the grass to the desired hair styles of each student... then adding googly-eyes and foam/felt mouths for one last gift.  Pictures to come!


  1. Love the Mother's Day activities! :)

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! My students really loved making the handprint flowers. . . they have so much fun curling their paper fingers around a pencil, lol, simple yet fun! And they turned out so pretty! The picture does not do them justice!

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    Light A Fire in Third

    1. Yay, Julie! Thanks for becoming a follower :) I look forward to following your blog, too!