Let me tell you... it is HARD to motivate myself to work on school stuff this summer. I just got back from a quick vacation to southern CA and now I'm home making 70 wedding invites and RSVP cards. I am loving creating and planning my wedding, and the best part is we are not getting married until April 2013...so I have lots of time!!!

As I bought 150 envelopes today the cashier said "Ok, you are either planning a wedding or a baby shower!??"  LOL :) She was shocked to learn that I was working on invites already. I just figure I have all this free time now, so I better make the most of it! I budgeted out EVERYTHING for our invites and we are going to save $205 by making them on our own vs. ordering premade/printed invites and RSVP cards :) :) :)

I will post pictures soon!

Although my brain is very much in wedding mode, I am tutoring the most adorable little girl this summer. She and I are working hard on reading (my MOST favorite subject to teach!) and I have some fun activities I would love to share with you!

First important thing to know--we only have one hour together, twice a week!  So I am jamming a lot in to that hour in the most creative ways I know. Our time zips by!
This is the form I created to use as:
1.  my guide to keep my focused during our time
2.  an easy and organized way to track data
3.  best of all, a simple and effective way to communicate with my student's mom 

I print two copies and bring them with me to our sessions...one copy stays with me, the other is for my student's mom...I write her a note in the blue box...what do I need the student to bring next time, what should they work on at home...

I am loving this form! I feel so super organized and I am able to keep our sessions together very organized and focused. I love tutoring :) I wish I could have an hour of one-on-one time with all of my students twice a week, imagine that, huh?!

My goal:
To create a similar form that I can use in my reading binder.  

I am going to revamp my reading group time this year. I am thinking one month of ability groups then the next month of one-on-one time. Last year I found myself finding less and less time for the one-on-one time, but tutoring this summer is quickly reminding me how much I love it!

How do you make time for small groups and one-on-one time??


  1. Hi! I am your newest follower! I love these sheets! They are a great idea! I definitely wish there was more time during the day for one on one reading time too!

    Teachers Give a Hoot

  2. Hi! Is there anyway you could email your tutoring worksheet to me? lindispalmer@comcast.net Also could you explain in the email what all you actually do in the one hour session? It would help a lot! Thanks!

    1. Definitely! I will send you the information asap! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for asking :)