Beautiful + Simple Fall Art

At our school we have parent volunteers come in to classrooms and teach our students art each month. These wonderful volunteers are called our Art Docents. We learn about different artists, different techniques, we use lots of fun materials, and we create BEAUTIFUL art together.

Art Docents usually start coming into the classroom mid October, but my blank hall space was eating me alive so I took an afternoon (about 3 weeks ago...sorry for the post-delay) and we created some beautiful and simple Fall Art together!

I got this idea from Deep Space Sparkle under 2nd grade art ideas. Go check out Patty's ideas! She is amazing!!

Supplies Needed:
Tissue paper cut into rectangles (mine were about 3" x 5")
Sharpie pens
Construction paper, I chose light blue to look like the leaves were falling through the sky
Liquid glue, watered down
Paint brushes
Outlines of fall leaves for students to trace, I found mine in google images

First, we read a book about fall leaves, we discussed fall leaves, colors we see and notice. Then I introduced the art project. And YAYYYYYYYYY!!! Were they ever excited!

Step One: Students trace leaves carefully on to the tissue paper. Surprisingly the sharpies did not tear the tissue paper AT ALL!

Step Two: (I missed getting a picture of this step) Student carefully cut around the outline of the leaf. I had my students leave a tiny border and not cut right on the sharpie outline.

Step Three: Students place their cut out leaves onto the construction paper then use the glue + water mixture to paint on the glue, gluing the leaves in place. I modeled this step for students a few times. I showed them how to start at the top and in nice long strokes paint down the leaf so it wouldn't get bunched up or messy. They did AWESOME!

Step Four: Let dry. We finished just before recess (yes I planned that!!) and they were not quite dry when we came back. We left them on our desks to completely dry, then I hung them up in the hall for everyone to gawk at :)

A beautiful and simple way to add color, art, and fun to our hallway.

PS. Don't you love the hanging space we have for our art? Every classroom has a similar space that our school put up outside our classrooms for art. They are those long wire-like hanging systems from IKEA. We use clips to attach the art and the sign in the middle lets people know which class the art comes from!


  1. These are so cute. Miss talking to you.


    1. Hi Terri! Sorry it has taken me nearly a month to get back to you! Yeesh! I have not quite figured out how to blog and teach at the same time yet! How is your year going?