24hr New-Item Freebie {Day Four}

Welcome back! Today is Day Four of my "sELFless Acts of Kindness" Challenge!


Have you been participating in the challenge? It is such an easy way to make someone smile... make someone's day a little brighter... or just reconnect with someone you work with but hardly ever see! One of my greatest work friends teaches right next door to my classroom, but because we are on COMPLETELY different recess/lunch/specialist schedules, I never get to talk to her other than a quick wave as I pass her classroom and she is happily teaching away! I have a special "sELFless Act of Kindness" planned for her tomorrow ;)

Well, let's get back to you! Today I have a Christmas Abbreviation Match-Up game for you! My students LOVED our Abbreviation week in November--especially when I threw in tricky ones like oz. and lb. --WHAT?! :) 

Download it now while it's free! Hurry! Hurry!

I would love to hear what you think about these activities, too! Feedback is always welcome ;)

Check out the Grammar Games/Activities from Day One, Two and Three! They are on sale now for $2.00, or you can buy them as a bundle and save money (see the end of this post for more details).

Buy the Christmas Grammar Bundle for $5.00 and save $3.00!
This is a growing bundle--buy now to save money!! 

By the end of the week you will have all 5 Grammar activities/games. 
1. Christmas Noun Sort (included now)
2. Christmas Verb Tense Sort (included now)
3. Christmas Cookies Compound Words (included now)
4. Christmas Abbreviation Match-up (included now) 
The price will go went up to $5.00
5. Christmas Complete Sentences (coming Friday--re-download the product Fri. night)
The price will go up to $6.00

Happy Friday-Eve!

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