#tptsellerchallenge Week One

...Make Over Madness!

This school year was busy... I know, yours was, too!

But I am so very excited for this TPT Seller Challenge to jump start my blog again. I miss connecting with passionate teachers like yourself... I miss learning from you... I miss being inspired by you!

So here I am, barely making it with the Week One Challenge... but I have only been on Summer vaca since Thursday, friends!

Here, we go! I chose one of my favorite items--my classroom management system. I love finding ways to promote positive relationships with my students, while teaching them the appropriate ways to behave in the classroom and in our learning environment. By the end of the year, I have 26 littles saying things like "you're interfering with my learning... please STOP... I asked you to stop..." instead of tattling and running to me. They are problem solving! They are gaining confidence! They are becoming independent! 

I just love how this turned out! Way more fun to look at!

And here are my stats... pretty sad... but that just means I have a lot of room for growth, right?!

I am really trying to up my instagram number! 

That is my mini-goal right now :) 

To get to 50 followers in these 4 weeks!

I don't even know how to tell you how to find me on instagram?! HELP, pretty please!

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