Pre Test

There were a total of nine problems.  The skills ranged from single digit subtraction, to double and triple digit subtraction WITHOUT REGROUPING, then a few problems with single and double digit subtraction WITH REGROUPING.

Houghton-Mifflin ICDL Resource


4 (all correct)            = 1 student =    4%
3 (8 correct)             = 3 students = 14%
2 (7 or 6 correct)      = 9 students = 41%
1 (5 or less correct)  = 9 students = 41%

*we mix up our 2nd and 3rd grade students for RTi

So...the 3rd graders did MUCH better than the 2nd graders on this pre-test, as we expected since 2nd grade has not introduced double digit and double digit subtraction, and we have barely touched on regrouping.

But there were still some 3rd graders who had trouble with the equations where they needed to regroup. 

So when we divided up our students we put all students who got a 4 (all correct) in one group. 
Those students will be challenged with 3 digit equations with regrouping.

The students who got a 3 (8 correct) were divided into three groups.
They will continue practicing two digit and two digit subtraction with regrouping, then move into the above challenge for the 4's group.

We had such a large number of students who got a 2 or 1 that we mixed them all up.
We are teaching strategies, chants, and practing with whiteboards, the SmartBoard, and worksheets.

I have one of the lower groups and it is very nice to have a mix of students who got a 1 and students who got a 2.  The students who got 2's on their pretest are excelling after just two days of RTI.  The students who got a 1 on the pre-test are struggling with regrouping specifically. 

On day one we made a flip book with a chant that I found on Pinterest. I also copied the chant onto a poster board that I hung up on the front board for students to use as a reference. 
Here is what our flip book ended up looking like



...because RTi is only 30 minutes long, I did a lot of prepping for this. 
I did all the cutting and gluing so we had the entire 30 minutes to discuss the chants, and write examples...

I am really enjoying the shift in our RTi focus from reading comprehension skills to math computation.  I think the students are enjoying this as well!  :)

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