Ahoy, Matey!

My students this year are in for a real treat! From September - April 5th they will call me Ms. O'Brien...then we will go on Spring Break...I will get married, go on my honeymoon...and when we return I will be Mrs. Helm!


My finance thinks I should wait until next year to change my name in the classroom, but I am just so excited to be Mrs. Helm...I just can't wait! And I think my kiddos can handle the change!

When I think of "Helm" I think of the big steering wheel on a ship...and when I think of big ships, I think of pirates! Sooooooo, I have decided to make a classroom theme change to Pirates and Ships! I am soooooo excited!

Recently, I was at a Summer Street Fair in my hometown when I ran across this SUPER cute night light in a baby boutique (shopping for my new nephew, Nolan)

Then there was this book...

And this book...

I spent A LOT of time creating a Pirates and Ships Classroom Theme Set. It includes name tags, Word Wall labels (print and cursive), Calendar printables (day, month, weather graph...), supply labels, hall passes, teacher binder cover pages, table group tags, and banner flags for a classroom welcome banner or teacher name banner. All Pirate and Ship theme in red, white, blue, and black!

143 slides of Pirate and Ships themed classroom documents for just $5.50!!!
Visit my TPT store for more information.

Shiver me timbers!!!  I am in full pirate-mode these days! Thankfully my finace still thinks it is cute that I am changing my classroom theme to match his last name (my soon-to-be-new last name...eeeekkkk!!!! I can hardly wait!)!

So maybe you don't need an entire Pirate and Ships themed classroom set, but you are looking for some super cute, fun, AND educational beginning of the year activities??  Here you go!!!

Download this FREEBIE here

Maybe you need a pirate book...have your heard of Tumblebooks??
Click on Tumblebook Library
Then the Red button (Story Books)
Then search for a story by title
Then click the green and orange button that says View!

You can find, watch, and listen to Pirates Don't Change Diapers with your students on Tumblebooks. Woooo! And technology integration, too! I hope you find Tumblebooks useful. 

I don't get to Tumblebooks as often as I would like to, but when I do my students LOVE them!  There is a great non-fiction book section, too. Be sure to check this site out!

I can hardly wait to get this year started! I welcome any and all classroom pirate ideas! 

Stay tuned for photos of my pirate classroom :)

What's the opposite of Ahoy, Matey?!  
Hmmm... I need to freshen up on my pirate vocabulary asap!


  1. Love all of your pirate goodies! SO cute!
    Lattes & Laughter

  2. You go girl with all the SUPER CUTE Pirate creations!!! I think that theme is going to be awesome. Please post pictures of your room when you are done!!!!
    Third Grade Love

  3. Love your treasures!
    Your packet looks amazing!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog~I'm now your newest follower! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us