CCSS 1st grade Math--Teacher Checklist

Is your school district adopting the new math and ELA CCSS?  My district is starting implementation this coming school year in the primary grades, the following year will include the intermediate grades, then middle school and high school. 

It is being called the Common Core Roll Out. I think it is a great idea! I was fortunate enough to be asked to be on the CCSS ELA Committee for 2nd grade this past spring, which gave me an early opportunity to familiarize myself with the format of the new CCSS.  I feel like primary grades, 2nd grade especially, is pretty fortunate, not much is changing for us...atleast when compared to the WA State Reading and Writing EALRs we have been using. 

This summer I wanted to delve deeper into the Math CCSS and develop new beginning of the year assessments for my 2nd grade team.  

To do that I first looked at the 1st grade math standards to see where my incoming 2nd graders should be. Taking into consideration there may be holes in learning as the standards 1st grade teachers were teaching to last year were slightly different than the CCSS, I am creating a beginning of the year assessment purely off the CCSS for 1st grade. This will help me identify the holes in the switch from EALRs to CCSS. 

I am almost finished with the assessment which I am excited to share, but until then I have a 1st grade Teacher Checklist to share!  This checklist was created by turning all of the new standards into "I can" statements. The checklist is 3 pages long and is meant to serve as a running record. 

What I anticipate to be the most beneficial part of the checklist is the visual aspect of it! I designed this checklist to be simple yet meaningful. By adding colors and dates to data boxes next to each standard you will easily be able to track individual student progress. 

You will be able to quickly see: 
*which standards individual students are struggling with
*which standards they are excelling in
*what you need to reteach
*how to group your students based on their needs
*which students need RTI interventions
*which students would benefit most from parent volunteer support
*what to talk to parents about at conferences
*and even, what comments to include for your report cards!

So, are you interested? I hope this checklist can be of some use to you (1st grade teachers, especially!). 

This is available for free at my TPT store for a limited time :) Go get your copy!!!

I hope to have the Kindergarten and 2nd grade checklists completed and at my TPT store by the weekend!

Let me know what you think, please! 
Is this something that you see to be useful in your classroom?


This package now includes "I can _____ " statement cards to use in your classroom as a visual learning targets for students! The cards have a pirate theme. If you would prefer a lady bug and insect themed set, follow my TPT store and my blog, contact me with your email and I would be happy to send you a PDF set for free :)

I highlighted math vocabulary in red on the blue-border cards, 
and I highlighted math vocabulary in blue on the red-border cards.


  1. Wow! You put a lot of work into it! It looks great, I can't wait to see the second grade checklist!

    P.S. I see you are in Tacoma- me too!

    Light A Fire in Third

    1. REALLY??? How crazy is that?! I am super excited to follow you :)

      Side question... if you are following my blog do the new blog posts that I add (like I added one yesterday) the they show up on your blog feed...the place where you can see that other blogs you follow have a new post?? When I initially set up my blog in January, I was testing the waters and wanted to keep things as private as I could, so now I am worried I messed with the settings and people won't be able to find me! :) Thanks for your help Julie!

  2. I love this. I can't wait for you to make an ELA for first grade too. I would love to see the ladybug and insect one you were talking about.