RTI: Syllables

For the month of January my teammate and I decided to focus on the Foundational Skills standards for RTI. 

We planned four weeks of assessments and activities.

Week One: Syllables
Week Two: Homonyms
Week Three: Compound words and Contractions
Week Four: Synonyms and Antonyms

Reminder: RTI is reteaching...not initial teaching. So although we are only spending a week on each skill, we have directly taught each of these skills throughout the year already in our regular classrooms. 

So, last week went a little like this:
NOTE: We create the posters with the students sitting in front of us. This process helps their little brains better process the poster, engage with the poster, and understand the poster.  Adding sketches helps our ELL and lower readers, too!

A great website I used every day was Learning Games for Kids. They have a GREAT quick video we watched before we made the strategies poster, too!

What do you do in your classroom to teach and reinforce syllables??

On to Homonyms. We made a super handy booklet for our students to work through and keep track of their homonym learning! Can't wait to share with you!


  1. Thank you for sharing the syllable video! I really like how it explains what a syllable is. I also noticed that you are from Tacoma. I am living in Bremerton. I love finding other teacher bloggers from Washington. I am also your newest follower.


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