Witnessing papal history changes with digital age

Witnessing papal history changes with digital age

Even as ancient traditions remain the same, technology continues to change and enhance our experiences.

What a difference 8 years makes.

I can hardly wait for the next 8.

I am energized and excited by images like these... For the possibilities that are out there for my students. What an awesome era to be growing up and learning in!


  1. My students were so excited when Pope Francis I walked out for the first time. We had 4 classes in one room watching it on the large screen. It was amazing!!!! How are the wedding plans going? I bet you are excited!!! Good luck with everything!!!
    Third Grade Love

    1. Hi Darleen :)

      Wedding planning is going pretty good! One more week! EEEEK! I had to take today off to be able to go to the Auditor's office to get our Marriage License. That was pretty exciting yet uneventful at the same time. Now I get the rest of the day to check things off of my wedding check list. I have been pretty absent from blogging and TPT since January. I started really feeling the pressure right around then, and I wanted to take time to really enjoy this wedding planning process...and not feel torn in multiple directions. But, after our Honeymoon I am really looking forward to getting back into everything!

      Thanks for asking!

      Happy Easter!