Five for Friday {Link up!)

This is my first link up in a few months and it looks to be a fun one!

This is my first full week off...well, I had a  Science Committee meeting yesterday, so I guess next week will officially be my first full week off :) But any-whoo!

1. I had time to change my last name...legally! I was really dreading going to the DMV, but I had had had to get this done for two reasons: first, I can't change my banking information until I have a new ID; second, I am flying to Tennessee in August and my ticket is in my new married name :) So I walked in ready to deal with rude employees when I saw big signs all over the office stating: Our Promise: Friendly service every time. I did a silent pfffffft! in my head. I have never had a pleasant experience here. But this time was different. I ended up talking with three different workers there throughout my 45 minute visit and every single one was so friendly! They congratulated me on my recent marriage, they smiled, they answered my questions like they actually cared... overall, it was a great experience!

2. I had time to order wedding photos!! 
One of the very thoughtful moms in my classroom bought me a little wedding photo album. It has slots for 130 photos and I thought "That's PLENTY of room!" Uhhhhh, nope! I sent her an email last night asking where she got it from so I could go pick up another album...or two :)

3. I have spent some quality time with my dog and kitty.
They like to keep me company while I work on my computer :)
4. My best friend flew in on Monday! YAY! She lived in San Diego but comes home every summer for a few weeks! Today we are having a girls day :) Nails, movie, then photo frame shopping! Did you know that Hobby Lobby's frames are always 50% off?! Yippee!!

5. I finished another freebie for my TPT store! One of my most popular freebies is my Force and Motion Vocab cards. Sticking with the science genre, here are my Organisms and Life Cycles Vocab Cards & Posters!  Enjoy!

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Leibster award. You can see my post about it here.

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