Husband Summer Blues

Sometimes I forget how hard it must be for my husband to get up at 5am every weekday, get ready for work, and work a 10+ hour day, while I am at home in my PJs until...ummmm...noon? Working on school stuff, TPT stuff, organizing, pinterest-ing, catching up on my DVR shows that he refuses to watch with me, lol!

He is super supportive and always says "You deserve it!" "I am glad you get to relax!" But work has been busy for him this Spring and Summer, like busy, busy, busy! I can tell it is all taking a toll on him. So I thought he needed something fun to do! One thing we complain about is when we go somewhere for the weekend to "get away" we always come back needing one more day in our weekend to unwind from the traveling and whatnot. 

So I did some Pinterest research and started a board titled "Dating my husband" 

One of my favorite sites I have discovered so far is the Dating Divas. I just love their catch phrase: Strengthening marriages, one date at a time! 

What I love about their site is that they have tons of categories for their date night ideas: Just the two of us; four or more; romantic; at home... 

The "at home" category caught my eye and as we caught up on our DVR last night, I went through all 13 pages of their "at home" date ideas.

I decided on FRISBEE GOLF!!! Sound fun, right?!

The only problem was when I went to download the document, it wouldn't download for me. It is entirely possible that I was clicking something incorrectly, but I figured because it was relatively simple that I would just recreate the parts I needed. Here is it! Click the image below.

Collect 6 baskets.
Two frisbees.
Follow the set up directions and rules from the Dating Divas (remember this is THEIR idea, not mine!)

Then wait for your husband to come home. I planned for this to be on a Friday night. I wanted him to be as relaxed and stress free as possible. And who isn't relaxed and stress free on Friday nights?!

I also had dinner from our favorite Greek restaurant waiting and cupcakes from the cake shop that made our wedding cake ready for dessert.

And the feedback from the husband: Awesome, unexpected,  never would have guessed this in a million years, creative, thoughtful, LOVED IT!

Side note: The questions inside the baskets really made this date. It was so wonderful to have the little discussion, be flirty and flatter each other. It was also really nice to hear all of the nice things coming from my husband! Annnnnnndddddd....the husband was beating me by 2 the whole game... until hole #6, the last hole! He had a super hard time on this one, lol!! I came ahead by 3 to win the game!!!!!

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