Warm Welcome

Summer is coming a quick close...

I spent all day Friday unpacking 3 pallets (yes, 3!) of boxes, none of which is school curriculum. How did I acquire so much "stuff" in 8 short years? Discussion about that later.

I am excited to start this new school year for all of the usual reasons: super clean classrooms, organized everything, new beautiful crayons, cute new B2S clothes ;), and this year my school is welcoming 8 (yes, 8!) new staff members! Yippee!

I get to meet with all of them this week to answer any questions they have about our school. Where do staff eat? How do we travel from place to place in the school? Where do we go for fire drills? How does the end of the day work? Where is recess? Where do I park? Do we have bells that tell us recess is over? What time does the building open? How do I do the alarm code (I don't know that one... I am too scared to do it by myself!)?

I remember how all of these questions, and more, were swirling around in my head when I moved to my new schools over the past 8 years. So, I am looking forward to answering any and all questions that I can!

I also wanted all of these fabulous new teachers to feel welcomed at our school. So I thought and thought about what I love most about my classroom... and a few years ago a parent from one of my classes gave me a framed inspirational quote. It was bright and cute and I just love it... all these years later! So that inspired me to do the same for our new teachers...and this is what I ended up with:

Oh. EM. geeeee! They turned out better than I imagined in my happy teacher brain :) I just can not WAIT to give these to our new teachers!

I got the frames fro $1.99 each at a local store... I intended to buy $1.00 frames, but the only ones I could find (after going to 3 stores) were just too cheap looking, and the stand part on the back was super flimsy. But still, $16 for 8 gifts, is pretty darn good in my book!

I made these posters into my newest TPT product--with 20 super cute, inspirational, classroom friendly quotes that I am sure you will love!

Click the pictures to head to my TPT store--each pack is only $3! Currently only the Bright Polka-Dot pack has the 4 x 6 posters included, but by the end of the week all packs will include that 4 x 6 size!

Check out the beautiful sunset I watched with my husband and we traveled back from Gossip Island, Canada (via ferry) last night. It was the LONGEST lasting sunset I have ever seen... beautiful, to say the least!

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