I am a little beside myself. 

For the longest time I was stuck in the 20's with my followers. In fact, the first six months I had my blog I didn't even share my blog address with anyone, so those first 10 followers... no clue how they found me. Then I met my first blog friend Darleen from Third Grade Love

Third Grade Love

She opened my eyes to the possibilities of blogging--learning from other teacher-professionals, inspiring each other, and best of all encouraging each other!

I quickly became a blog hopper and slowly started interacting with other bloggers. I am just amazed by the fun things going on in classrooms across our nation! How lucky our students are!

I have gone from my first blog friend to slowly meeting others. 

I met Terri from 1st Grade Princess over the summer and she gave me great ideas for some of my TPT products...she also introduced me to Barb from Ruby Slippers who made over my blog :)

 1st Grade Princess

I enjoy chatting with my blog friends, I love seeing what's going on in their classroom, and I love learning from them. 

In celebration of 100 followers I am putting together a giveaway. 

It is called My Favorite Things Giveaway :)

I am waiting to hear back from a few possible donors, then I will be posting the giveaway...hopefully by the end of tomorrow!

In the mean time! Head over to my TPT store for editable, printable, and FREE Themed Classroom Newsletters!


  1. YAY for 100!! I feel very similar to you. I felt stuck at a low number for a while, but am slowly gaining followers! I just love being able to hear and learn from others! Excited about your giveaway!!

    Sensational Seconds

  2. I am sooo excited for you! Thank you for the sweet, kind words! I am so glad I was able to help you. I can't wait to see what you have in store for a giveaway!!!!
    Third Grade Love