Sunday Night Freebie!

Do you need something to perk you up on a Sunday night??! :)  

Here you go!

I started teaching my students about non-fiction text features last week and they LOVED it! I grabbed a bin of children's magazines from our school library and they had at it. We found bold text, illustrations, pictures, picture captions, maps, diagrams, labels... it was the most fun I have had teaching text features in a long time! 

So this week I want to take things a step further and have my students really think while they are reading informational text. 

I created two classroom posters and matching student bookmarks, and because it is Sunday night and we all have to go back to work in a few hours, I decided to make this a Freebie!




Included= 15+ activities and suggestions for introducing responding and chatting about Informational Text in your classroom! Enjoy!

Download the posters and bookmarks at my store for free! Follow my store to be the first to find out about other freebies I post!

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