Learning Targets + Daily Schedules

Two huge goals of mine for this school year are posting daily Learning Targets and a Daily Schedule.

So far I am loving this! Every morning right after announcements from our Principal I go over the Learning Targets and our Daily Schedule with my students. I created the I can ___ statements for the Learning Targets (working on the ELA cards still...there are LOTS of them!) and I also write Learning Targets that are not so academic yet still very important. 

For example, last week we worked on 

1. I know the 3 Personal Standards.


2. I can line up safely after recess.

I do not plan on typing a Learning Target for everything we work on throughout the year, but taking time to type Math and ELA Learning Targets feels like a good use of time since we will constantly be revisiting those CCSS throughout the year. I think I will create science and SS Learning Targets as the year goes...

Something that came to me at the end of the first day of school was to "grade" ourselves on how well we feel we met each Learning Target. So at the end of each day, just before we pack up, we go over the Learning Targets one more time. We "grade" ourselves by giving a thumbs up for "Yep! I can do that!" Thumbs sideways for "I'm still working on that..." or thumbs down for "I really need to work on that one... or... I totally forgot about that one!"  This grading helps me see where my students feel they are and helps me know whether I should keep the Target up there tomorrow or if we can move on. Each day I use a different color marker to add Learning Targets to help differentiate between new and "old" targets.

As for the daily schedule... I found myself writing, erasing, adding, taking away...from my daily schedule and I quickly realized I needed to do two things. 

1. Make the Daily Schedule much simpler (this was taking WAYYYY too much time!)


2. Type something up! (this was taking WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much time!)

Whelp! Here they are!

I created the schedule cards in four colors: pink, teal, orange/gold and white (not shown...obviously, lol). I also created them with clip art and with clocks.  Finally, I created them in two sizes: two cards per page and four cards per page. I prefer the four cards per page but I thought younger grades may appreciate larger cards. Find them at my TPT store :)

These cards are so cute and SUCH a time saver! I have mine printed and just need to laminate them in the morning. I bought some of that self-stick magnet strip stuff that I will then add to the back of each card making them easy to put up on the board, move around, and take down as needed.

How do you post your Learning Targets and Daily Schedule??

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