t-minus 1/2 day until Christmas Break!!

Yes! We made it! The 2012 part of the 2012-2013 school year is nearly complete!  This week has been so super busy, too!

We talked more about Verbs... specifically Verb Tenses

 This is a freebie available for download at my TPT store.

We started talking more in depth about Author's Message

We watched books online at Storylineonline.com. My students LOVE this site! The books are read by famous actors and actresses. The books are also slightly animated. It is similar to Tumblebooks if you are familiar with those!

Next, we made a chart (a non-fiction feature we have been learning about!) in our ELA journals to help us track the Author's Message from different books we read and listen to.

We made our parent-gifts

Christmas Tree Ornaments. Super simple and wonderfully cute! I passed out sandpaper to my students to round off the edges of their popsicle sticks that had to be broken and you would have thought I handed them $100!!! :) I will for sure think of something to use sandpaper with again this year!

And today my students got their gifts from me

I went a little book-crazy with our last book order. Well, it was partially my intent but I over ordered by about 15 books. Oh well! 

When my students came back in from recess and found their shiny new books on their desks, they were so excited! To be honest I was really REALLY nervous that they would roll their eyes at me and hate the gift. But they had JUST THE OPPOSITE reaction. I told them that I thought long and hard about which books to give each student, which I totally did! It took me entirely too long to make my decisions :) Which is part of the reason that I over ordered... I just couldn't make up my mind!

Whelp! Tomorrow is the last day. Polar express day! 
Every Wednesday is a late start, so kids come at 10:05....
We have a book club in the morning with popcorn, then we will watch the movie and enjoy hot cocoa.
Then we will do some sequencing...
Then we will clean our classroom (the fire marshall comes over the break!)
Then it will most likely be time to head to the buses!

My teammate and I went back and forth about Christmas Homework. We decided to only send home a Winter Break Journal and encourage students to continue reading and practicing IXL (online math).

What do you assign for homework over breaks? 

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  1. I did a book exchange as well (for 64 kids). We had the kids donate $1 and I ordered books from Scholastic. Not all $1 books. Then, I went through them and decided who got what. Next, my husband helped me wrap them (it took us 3 hours). We put all 64 kids in a room in an oval, I passed out the books and then they opened them! They went cra-ZZ! I was shocked at how excited they were.