August Currently {Link Up!}

This is my first time linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade . It seems appropriate because all of the "currently" questions are things that are running through my mind right now anyway!

August is always a mix of emotions for me. I am sad because my days of doing what I want, when I want are coming to an end quickly. But I am also excited. I love new beginnings, I love meeting my new students and families, I love reconnecting with past students and families, and I love having the opportunity to improve upon the things I did last year to make me a better teacher for my students this year. 

My principal once told us (our staff) that we are in a very unique profession. Not many professions get a chance to start over completely fresh, reflect on what went well, what went not-so-well, and begin again. As teachers we literally get to start over each school year. We get another chance to be awesome... to be better. Very smart woman, right?! 

That has stuck with me for years. So although I am sad that summer is winding down, I am excited for the possibilities the new school year will bring!

Plus, it's Shark Week people!! How can you not be excited about that :) lol

I made these yesterday for my husband and his work buddies :) yummmmm!


  1. Love the shark cupcakes! My husband goes to medical school and their mascot is The Sharks! So I may have to make these for his study group. :)
    Second Grade With The Teacher Wears Prada

  2. Those shark cupcakes are super cute! My sister has been obsessed with shark week. I need to share those with her!

    Good luck as you go back to school. Thanks for sharing those encouraging words about new beginnings!

    -The Frizz

  3. Your cupcakes are adorable! I love starting over each year too!