Pinterest Crazy, Freebie, and Cheapie {is that a word?!}

This summer I have become even more addicted to Pinterest...is that possible?! I love the creativity of people and how it sparks my own creativity!

So last week we celebrated a birthday in my family... a 21st birthday in fact! In my family birthdays are like big potluck dinners! Everyone signs up to bring something and we agree to meet at one of our homes at a certain time as close to the actual birthday as we can!

This year I wanted to go for a theme. So I searched and searched Pinterest until I found super cute watermelon cookies...ricecrispies... and drinks! EEEK!! YUUUUMMM!!

The "seeds" are chocolate chips! Next time I would use mini chips I think...

I uploaded two new products to my TPT store this weekend. 


Editable Binder Covers, to match my new BIGGIE product Classroom Basics--Bright Chevron
{click the image above for your free download!}

The second product I finally uploaded kind of got put on the back burner! I finished editing it in June and just got sidetracked with my Classroom Basics product.

But I am very excited about this Calendar Craft or Gift product... and it is cheap, cheap, cheap! 
{my cheapie} lol


  1. Thanks so much for the binder covers! I love love love chevron! The lime green and gray page is my favorite!!!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. I am so glad you like them :) Everyone can use a cute binder cover, right?! I too am totally into chevron these days!!