TPT B2S Sale

I know you already know, right?! Well here's one more reminder. 

Get to TPT right away! August 18th and 19th are two of the biggest TPT days of the whole year. We all look forward to this time! Absolutely everything in my store is 28% off, even the items that are only a dollar!

Here are a few reminders:

1. Go give your feedback for items you have already purchased!!! Feedback = TPT credit toward your next purchase!

2. Don't forget your Promo Code: BTS13 to enjoy the entire 28% off!

3. Think in the future... not just BTS items, but what about your winter stations, or Halloween stations... are you ready for that? Wouldn't you love to get something now that you can tuck away until later then pat your self on the back and say "Oh yea! Remember how smart I was when I bought that on sale way back in August?!"  :)

Have fun! 

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