Liberty Bell Fact-ivity

I had hoped to get this ready as an Election Day activity, but it just didn't quite happen like that. 

The fall-flu hit my house this past weekend and it took everything I could to get out of bed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Today I am feeling much better so I finished this super cute fact-ivity (a fact-filled-craft-activity!)

So because it is a little late, but because I know you will love it and it can be used for other upcoming celebrations, like Presidents' Day... I am offering this product to you for free!

I include ideas for where to find information about the Liberty Bell.
Learning all about the Liberty Bell will help prepare your students for this activity!

Lots of templates for you!

And colorful examples, too!

The facts about the Liberty Bell hang from the bell... like the dangling part of the bell...which according to wikipedia is a clapper! 

Download it for free at my TPT store!


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