Canned Food Drive & Fire Safety

Every year, right around this time, my school puts on a Food Drive. This year our local Food Bank is unusually low on canned food items so we are having a Canned Food Drive. We brought in 1,400 food items last year as a school, so our principal and Student Council Mayor have challenged us to beat that number this year! 

I have a slight competitive-ness in me...


I wish it were a contest between grade levels! We did competition fundraisers ALL THE TIME when I was in elementary and I LOVED IT!!  Probably because my class won most of them ;)

so I talked with my teammate about it and we decided to team up and make a 2nd grade goal. We started pretty conservatively with a goal of 250 cans. We have 52 2nd graders, so that would be about 5 cans per student.

We wanted to make a visual statement for everyone in our school to see...we hope students will feel inspired to start their own classroom goals, or even better, try to beat us!

Because we have been spending so much time on tens and ones in 1st trimester and answering questions about data, we created a picture/bar graph.

It is hanging in our common area right at the door where students go in and out of for recess :) 

Across the bottom of the chart are the dates of our Food Drive. 
Each day we add the total number of cans brought in by our 2nd graders.

Here is a close up of the images we are using to track our data. 

A single soup can is the ones... a bundle of soup cans is the tens...

 The cans my class brought in today... 24 :)

 Yesterday we had one lonely can. Today as a grade level we had 43!!
We are already up to 44 and we still have 10 days to go!!

I am pretty sure we will need to up our goal next week sometime!

When we add the soup can images to the chart we count by ten and one, then we count by ten and one again to figure out our total so far!
We can practice adding double digit numbers now, and subtracting from a three digit number, too!

I just love the visual, the math, and the little bit of "bring-it-on" we are displaying!

I am working on a tracking sheet for individual students to use throughout our Canned Food Drive, too. Then we can discuss how the data changes, compare dates & information, add, subtract, discuss tens and ones... I love this activity! My students love it too! I think they love how huge we made the chart :) That was the first thing they all said "That chart is so big it covers the whole window!"


We also had our Primary Fire Safety Assembly this week. Our local Fire Department was AMAZING! They were so engaging with a wonderful skit, songs, movements, sounds, puppets... We all learned so much! Check out our Fire Safety poster we created to capture all of our learning!

Did you know STOP, DROP & ROLL has changed to STOP, DROP, COVER & ROLL! That was a new one for me!

Next, we took our learning and practiced writing complete sentences with matching pictures. We shared these with our principal who loved them! How can you not?! Look at those great pictures!

 I love the fire colors in this one!

Happy Weekend, friends!

Anyone else having a Food Drive at school right now??

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