"The dog ate my homework!"

As teachers we hear it all...

"My mom didn't put it in my back pack!"
"You didn't give me homework!"
"My little brother colored all over it!"

and of course...
"My dog ate it!"

I had never actually heard the one about the dog, but yesterday, my teacher life changed forever... and for the better I might add!

One of my students made my day when he handed me this:

I literally laughed out loud. 
Yes, that is a baggie with the shreds of homework. The evidence.

But, at least he was responsible and brought back his homework! And I just love that his mom sent in the evidence with the note!

What is the best I-forgot-my-homework-excuse that you have heard?


  1. Hilarious! As a TEACHER.. My dogs ate my STUDENTS' homework! haha! I left to go to the store one day and came back to the WORST mess of shredded papers. My dogs ate all their writing rubrics for their most recent writing (which I had to regrade.. all 27) AND they ate the laminated centers I had prepared for the next week. I. Was. So. Mad!


  2. hahahahaha!! That is too funny! I have 27 writing assessments to grade by Wednesday, and I would be heart broken if my dog ate the rubrics! My dog doesn't care about my teacher papers I leave all over the house... when I forget to throw the leftovers in my lunch box away though... he is all over that! Have you ever read the book Peanut Butter and Homework Sandwiches? It's a pretty great one about homework excuses that end up being completely real. I read it to my students the day they were taking home their first homework assignment, lol :)